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Tag: tailwind-css

include tailwind css in bundle js

How could I include tailwind css in bundle js ? this is the an example with vue 3 and tailwind 3 running npm run build , it creates 3 files: app.js ABOUTPAGE.js app.6cba1802.css I want to include app.6cba1802.css into app.js, so the result should be: app.js ABOUTPAGE.js Thanks Answer You can use the css.extract option from vue cli :

Tailwind default color classes not working

I’m building a React application using Tailwind CSS Framework. I have used NPM to install tailwind in my react app in the following manner: Then I have also edited my tailwind.config.js file in the following manner: And updated my index.css file in the following manner: Then I tried to use default color classes that tailwind CSS provides in the following

Updating tailwindCSS class attributes on button click

I’m working on a project that uses pre-made TailwindUI component code. If you refer to this gif, you can see that the code on the site is responsive to mobile design and the hamburger menu toggles on button click. However, the code given for this does not include the necessary JS, so the toggling of the hamburger menu does not

Tailwindcss background image not showing on deploy

Both the background image and navbar background don’t render. I’m using Vercel and Netlify to deploy and have used the build command as well as the publish directory setup on both sites. Tried checking my code since I’m using Tailwind for the first time, but I still can’t figure out what went wrong? The repo: The site: Any

tailwindcss 3 is not loading css in react

i have been using tailwindcss 2 but i wanted to upgrade to 3. I followed their tutorial but is not working i dont know why. tailwind.config.js postcss.config.js index.css index.css is imported in index.tsx. index.tsx file package.json Text.jsx Answer I found the issue, you need to update react-scripts to the latest update npm install react-scripts@latest

Conditional link styling React

I want my nav bar to style the page title I’m in, im using React and Tailwind CSS, for example, just make the title yellow when im on the selected path. My logic to achieve that would be this but isn’t working: My rout code: Nav bar code: Answer Well at the end the problem was the path variable which