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Tag: tailwind-css

How to change the locale in Flowbite datepicker?

Unfortunately the Flowbite Datepicker Documentation has no instruction on how to use another locale, but the support is there. This is how I implemented the datepicker (working): and this is how I try to get the locale to work: But my modular Javascript understanding is too poor to get this right. This is the file to reference the original code.

Tailwind custom pseudo element

I’m trying to create a single js file for a component that is used with several styles in my project. On one page I have several buttons for some features, with a default background color set in the html file (for exemple bg-gray-500). For buttons where the feature is activated I change the background color, currently with js, but therefore

how to make tailwind utility class dynamic

I want to create a simple square using tailwind, but I want to make the class dynamic Answer TailwindCSS doesn’t allow you to generate classes dynamically. So when you use the following to generate the class… …TailwindCSS will not pick that up as a valid TailwindCSS class and therefore will not produce the necessary CSS. Instead, you must include the

Tailwindcss not rendering in ExpressJS/React app

I am trying to add TailwindCSS to my existing Express JS + React application. I have tried many different tutorials, such as this one for regular JS, and this one made specifically for Create-React-App . I later tried this tutorial for express js My project was initially made with Create-React-App, but I later changed everything to run

Tailwind animation plays twice when changing pages in Next.js?

I’m using react-hot-toast to show alerts & animate it while changing pages. The animation plays fades in twice when page changes. I’m using tailwindcss-animate in my tailwind.config.js to add animation classes. I’m only using 4 animation classes: animate-in, animate-out, fade-in, & fade-out I am animating a custom Success alert box. Success.tsx If you click the link in the demo below,

Use mui icons between components in react

So I am trying to use mui icons between components. I am using the <Icon /> component but there are two problems with that: Only half of the icon is rendered. I cannot style the icon in the component but instead have to style it where im using the component src/components/sidebar/Sidebar.comp.js (Where im using the icon component) ./SidebarOption.comp.js (Where im