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Tag: angular-material

Angular MatStepper fails to recognize cached values from two str arrays (but successfully recognizes values from another str array)

I have a MatStepper that’s used to navigate to the next page of a signup flow. I also have a method that loads values from a cache if it’s available, and if so then the MatStepper skips to Page 2. After that, a future method pre-fills the form will those cached values. The scenario where cachedSports are retrieved causes the

Angular change MatInput Size

I am new to Angular 4 and started working with the material components, I copied a couple of example from the official documentation but didn’t get the same result as the documentation : How do I get change the textbox width ? I tried style=”width: 200px;” style=”width:100%”; class=”col-md-x” But none of them worked, second thing […]