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Tag: jquery-ui-datepicker

JQUERY DATEPICKER – exclude Sundays, specific dates AND disable next day selection after 12pm

I’m hoping someone here can help me with the following: – Currently, I have the following script for my datepicker snippet where I have excluded Sundays. I would like to add the following conditions: – Exclude multiple specific dates (i.e. 16/04/21, etc.) Disable next business day selection by customers AFTER 12pm. For point #2, I have the following code but

Disable Friday and Saturday In Datepicker

I am trying to edit the beforeShowDay function in jquery.ui.datepicker. This is the original beforeShowDay lines in datepicker I’m trying to replace: I have searched around trying to find the correct code to replace it with with no luck. I found this fiddle; disable 1 day in datepicker I have edited this fiddle and succeeded in disabling Friday and Saturday

How to format date with hours, minutes and seconds when using jQuery UI Datepicker?

Is it possible to format a date with jQuery UI Datepicker as to show hours, minutes and seconds? This is my current mockup: When I call .datepicker({ dateFormat: ‘yyy-dd-mm HH:MM:ss’ }) the returned value is: 201313-07-03 HH:July:ss Here is a JSFiddle. Answer For the time picker, you should add timepicker to Datepicker, and it would be formatted with one equivalent

How to add/subtract dates with JavaScript?

I want to let users easily add and subtract dates using JavaScript in order to browse their entries by date. The dates are in the format: “mm/dd/yyyy”. I want them to be able to click a “Next” button, and if the date is: ” 06/01/2012″ then on clicking next, it should become: “06/02/2012”. If they click the ‘prev’ button then