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Removing “,” at the beginning of a line CSV

i want to convert a .csv file and write a new one. However I am not able to remove the first , i am kinda stuck here and it is driving me crazy. This is my code: That’s the output i am getting in the newly generated file Output extractedtasks: Output extractedtasksformated: Answer Because extractedtasks is an array, instead of

Write a string containing commas and double quotes to CSV

I’m trying to produce a Google Shopping feed of 30,000+ items in NetSuite, a CRM system that runs server-side JavaScript that it calls Suitescript 2.0. Essentially, it’s just JavaScript with a few more restrictions. I’ve been tasked with outputting this product feed as a CSV. The problem is that the product descriptions of these items contain variables amounts of commas,

How to upload and read CSV files in React.js?

I would like the user to upload a .csv file, and then have the browser be able to parse the data from that file. I am using ReactJS. How would this work? Thanks. Answer Figured it out. A combination of react-file-reader and HTML5’s FileReader (see this page). Placed the react-file-reader bit inside of render: And then this above.

convert CSV lines into Javascript objects

I have a simple csv file people.csv: What I want to do it get each line of the CSV, convert it to a JavaScript object, store them into an array, and then convert the array into a JSON object. server.js: My question is if I am actually converting that CSV lines into Javascript objects when I call the .split(‘n’) method