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Tag: adonis.js

How To Add JSON Value in Existed Nested JSON

its possible for add new value JSON to existed nested JSON ? My JSON its : I want move the “commision” nested to “data” like this : This my code for create JSON : Answer You can assign commission property in by using Object.assign() method and then remove the outer commission property from the object. Working Demo :

Can’t access Adonis from Docker Container

I use Docker to contain my Adonis app. The build was success but when I access the app, I got ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED or ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. My docker compose contains adonis and database. Previously, I use the setup similar with this for my expressjs app, and it has no problem. The adonis .env is remain standard, modification. This […]

How to update a constraint in a migration

I need to add onDelete and onUpdate cascade to a constraint in a migration file. So i did an alter table, selecting the foreign keys and chaining with the alter method in the end of each command. But i’m getting a error saying that the constraint of this relationship already exists. error: constraint “deliveries_courier_id_foreign” for […]