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Tag: cryptography

Is there a behavioral equivalent to the AES256TextEncryptor Class of the Jasypt-Library in CryptoJS?

As a newbie to Cryptography, I’m trying to reproduce the same default behavior of the AES256TextEncryptor Class of the jasypt-library with the CrpytoJS library. This is my Java method, that basically takes in two arguments – the message that I want to encrypt as well as my secret paraphrase: When encrypting the messageToBeEncrypted with this code, the resulting encrypted message

Using javascript `crypto.subtle` in synchronous function

In javascript, is it possible to use the browser built-in sha256 hash ( inside a synchronous function? Ideally, I’d like to do something like I already tried things like (async() => {hash = await digestMessage(message); return hash})(), but I can only get back the promise object. It seems to me that it might not be possible to achieve what I

Use window.crypto in nodejs code

I am trying to use the window.crypto.getRandomValues method in a nodejs script. From my understanding there is no window element when I run a simple code like this in node: Which is why I get this error: How can I use this method in my code? Thanks Answer You can use the built-in crypto module instead. It provides both a