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Tag: encryption

How to do basic encryption on characters (TypeScript)?

I want to encrypt a string with RSA public and private keys. However, when I try to decrypt the characters back to there initial ascii-value, they return something different. Here are my methods for encrypting and decrypting: n, e and d are 15, 7 and 13 respectively. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! EDIT Found a solution to

Key Management: Hardcoded Encryption Key for chart.js

I facing issue related to “Key Management: Hardcoded Encryption Key” for chart.js api. We are using Fortify Scanning for security purpose. How to avoid the ‘Hardcoded Encryption Key’. After scanning we found the line of code that is hardcoded in chart.js. Is there any way to resolve this issue. Answer After analysed the chart.js code file, we have found there

JavaScript AES encryption and decryption (Advanced Encryption Standard)

How to implement encryption and decryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in JavaScript. Why AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) ? Security: Competing algorithms were to be judged on their ability to resist attack, as compared to other submitted ciphers, though security strength was to be considered the most important factor in the competition. Cost: Intended to be released under a global,