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Tag: xmlhttprequest

Read response from HttpRequest in JavaScript

First, you can ignore that this is sending credentials in an unsafe manner. I’m supposed to handle that after. My problem is with reading the ‘response’ or ‘responseText’ from a HttpRequest to an API. I can see in the console the request is succesful and the response I want is there, but I am not able to retrieve it. I

jQuery ajax call is returning response data as String instead of Object

On the following StackBlitz: I have a code which fetches a JSON data with a list of names. There are two ways of returning data: Axios and jQuery. With the Axios approach the code works properly. Now, because some business decisions I need to replace Axios with jQuery. My problem is: with jQuery the is fetched as string

How to access XML POST request with node.js?

I making a web app with node.js.I have a API on /api/users/register that takes name and password.I want to sent a POST request to that adress with XMLHttpRequest.The request comes to the API but i cant figure out how to access name and password. I tried to access with req.body but it returns an empty list.Is there any other method

Domo.js is trying to JSON.parse a png

While developing a custom app for my organization, I am trying to request the name and the avatar of the individual accessing the card. I am able to get the name of the individual without any problems, but when requesting the avatar image I get the following console error: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Invalid JSON response at XMLHttpRequest.d.onload (domo.ts:309:18) I

How to force browser to abort all XHR requests [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 10 months ago. Improve this question In my website I have a page which sends some XHR requests to

JS: XHR loads files (>50MB) immediatly

I’m making a internet speedtest app with Node.js. Everything works fine expect the download test. I normally download at 8Mbits/s but when I try XHR requesting a text file / image (about 256 MByte) at /public/chunk/somefile.txt for example, it downloads it within 1 second which is impossible. Then I checked the onprogress log: How comes that it loads the image