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Tag: userscripts

Unbind .onselectstart return false

I am trying to write a userscript that will remove the effects of onselectstart from an id on a page. So far I am assuming that I can rebind the original function using something like this: JSFiddle Any ideas would be appreciated. Answer Looks like I managed to work out the answer. Thank you LightStyle for giving me the hints.

How to convert a bookmarklet into a Greasemonkey userscript?

Is there a easy way to do this. And is there anything that needs to be changed due to differences in how it is ran? Answer The easiest way to do this: Run the bookmarklet code through a URL decoder. so that javascript:alert%20(‘Hi%20Boss!’)%3B, for example, becomes: javascript:alert (‘Hi Boss!’); Strip the leading javascript: off.   Result: alert (‘Hi Boss!’); Add