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Tag: backend

Reading PORT number from .env file in nestjs

I have details defined in .env file. Below is my code. host: process.env.SMTP_HOST is working properly. but when I am writing process.env.SMTP_PORT it is saying you can not assign string to number. when I wrote parseInt(process.env.SMTP_PORT) it is still not working. how to assign port from .env file Answer port: +process.env.SMTP_PORT should work casting it to a number. If there

How to log user input with Morgan?

Good morning, I am trying to log user input from user when using morgan and express. What I am specifically trying to log is noted in this image: (The user posted a request with an object that includes two key/value pairs “name” and “number”) How would I go about logging this? Custom tokens or is there a predefined method I

MongoDB find by _id

I’m building a Node.JS app, and i have a function that returns all the records if none of the queries were sent and, if sent, it returns all the records satisfying my query. Here’s my code: const …

How To Get The URL After Redirecting from Current Page To Another Using Puppeteer?

I’m Aadarshvelu! Recently Started Testing My WebApp Code Using Jest With Puppeteer. So I Have Page Which All Credentials Have Been Filled With Puppeteer.But When SummitButton(‘signBtn’) Clicked POST process Starts Is There Any Test That Process POST Request?.. Or How Do I Know Test Has Been Completely Finished? Or How to Get The Redirect Page URL While Test Running? This