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NWjs version of Bad Time Simulator not playing bgm

I found a game online, or which the source code is here, and I wanted to mod it. However, after modding it online on Github for a while, I was being driven crazy, by the github pages load time and my browser cache, which seemed to defy all attempts at deletion.

Finally, I attempted to use NWjs to load it. But, now the audio doesn’t play at all. How do I fix this?
Note, the sounds, like the ding and select noise play, but not the bgm. All of them are .ogg files.
I’m using windows 10.
Another note, I pushed my version to Github and then checked out the gh-pages, which worked. So it’s probably a problem with NWjs or my computer or both.


I cleared all things I could find, so ~/AppData/Local/nwjs and ~AppData/Local/<projectname> and ~/AppData/Roaming/<projectname> all got deleted, then I ran it again and it worked.

EDIT: It seems that I have to re-delete the cache files again and again before each launch. Guess I’ll write a python script to handle this.