Upload file to an IIS server with AJAX using HTML and JavaScript

I want to be able to upload an image file (.png, .jpg, etc..) to my web-server (running IIS Server with ASPX) using nothing but HTML and AJAX. Here’s the code:

How do I get the text from a textbox into a variable that is being sent through an AJAX ‘POST’ request?

I want the text from the ‘txtDATE’ textbox into the variable press_date. The current AJAX post is working perfectly. (except that it’s static and I want the variable). I have been searching for answers and trying everything all day. Any help is appreciated. Answer In place of: You should be able to use: I would also consider placing a ClientIDMode=”Static” attribute for the text box as this would prevent the server side code from re-naming the txtDATE text box by the server side system. And this will ensure that the jquery selector $(‘#txtDATE’) will be able to reference a un-changed

how to perform substraction in Html Table using JQuery

Net MVC and i am facing a issue in this . Please help me in this. I am creating a project in which i am just adding a product and show the total bill amount in the below of the table. I am able to do …

Looping an SQL statement on razor

Attempted to create a ‘cart’ which holds selected items by the user but upon form completion, all the data from the ‘cart’ is inserted into one row Example: OrderID StockID Or002 IT01,IT02,…

On validation prevent calender control to open

I want to prevent open calendar control on save button at time of validation fire , I am not able to find how can I prevent It I have one calendar control in form , select date validation fire on save button after validation it will direct focus on calendar control and open calendar automatically , business don’t want to open calendar control HTML I want to prevent open calendar open on save button let me know if any solution over there Thank you Answer I have solve this issue to change in formValidation.JS In this file there is one

How to centrally align the header text of a TemplateField?

I’ve a GridView with TemplateFields. I have tried HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign=”Center” to align the header text of the TemplateField to center but it’s not working.

How to get similar functionality with enter key and mouse clicking a button

I have inherited an ASP.NET 1.1 web application. On the page there are various buttons, textboxes and other controls. There is also a password textbox and password button. If the user types in the …

dynamic change jwplayer video path

basically i wish to achieve like user type file name,then video will be pop up what i want to do is i was tried to pass textbox value as jwplayer path to play video if i typed Video/video.mp3 into …

Confirmation delete window – deleting record when click delete or cancel

I have a Javascript file that contains the function for calling the confirmation delete window, the code used is similar to the following: function Delete() { confirm(‘Delete this user’); } …