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Dynamically added script will not execute

I am dynamically adding a script of a github gist. If I added it to the html before the page loads, the script will execute. But If I try to add it to the page after it loads it adds the script to the page but doesn’t execute it. Here is how I am adding it to the page Html

FormData.append(“key”, “value”) is not working

Can you tell me whats wrong with this: My output looks like this, I cant find my “key” – “value” pair I can’t understand! Yesterday it worked so well, and today my head crashed the keyboard so many times! Firefox, Chrome, both the same :/ Answer New in Chrome 50+ and Firefox 39+ (resp. 44+): formdata.entries() (combine with Array.from() for

Pass variables by reference in JavaScript

How do I pass variables by reference in JavaScript? I have three variables that I want to perform several operations to, so I want to put them in a for loop and perform the operations to each one. Pseudocode: What is the best way to do this? Answer There is no “pass by reference” available in JavaScript. You can pass

How to make chainable function in JavaScript?

Lets imagine function like this: Usage of it would be like: I’m looking for a way to create function that’s chainable with other functions. Imagine usage: How would I do this? Answer Sure, the trick is to return the object once you’re done modifying it: To make the method available on String, I’m modifying it’s prototype. Be careful not

load scripts asynchronously

I am using several plugins, custom widgets and some other libraries from JQuery. as a result I have several .js and .css files. I need to create a loader for my site because it takes some time to load. it will be nice if I can display the loader before importing all the: I have found several tutorials that enable

Keep only first n characters in a string?

Is there a way in JavaScript to remove the end of a string? I need to only keep the first 8 characters of a string and remove the rest. Answer You are looking for JavaScript’s String method substring e.g. Which returns the string starting at the first character and finishing before the 9th character – i.e. ‘Hiya how’. substring documentation

Split the sentences by ‘,’ and remove surrounding spaces

I have this code: Looks like the whole string has been matched, but where has “b” gone? I would rather expect to get: so that I can do m.shift() with a result like s.split(‘,’) but also with whitespaces removed. Do I have a mistake in the regexp or do I misunderstand String.prototype.match? Answer so finally i went with /(?=S)[^,]+?(?=s*(,|$))/g, which

Add 10 seconds to a Date

How can I add 10 seconds to a JavaScript date object? Something like this: Answer There’s a setSeconds method as well: For a list of the other Date functions, you should check out MDN setSeconds will correctly handle wrap-around cases: