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What does u003C mean?

I’m looking at twitter’s javascript file, and I see this in the templates hash: Browse Interests{{/i}}u003C/au003En u003C/liu003En {{#logged_in}}n What do those codes represent?

Javascript array sort and unique

I have a JavaScript array like this: var myData=[‘237′,’124′,’255′,’124′,’366′,’255′]; I need the array elements to be unique and sorted: myData[0]=’124′; myData[1]=’237′; myData[2]=’255’; myData[3]…

How to disable scrolling temporarily?

I’m using the scrollTo jQuery plugin and would like to know if it is somehow possible to temporarily disable scrolling on the window element through Javascript? The reason I’d like to disable scrolling is that when you scroll while scrollTo is animating, it gets really ugly 😉 Of course, I could do a $(“body”).css(“overflow”, “hidden”); and then put it back

How to print text from textarea?

I want to print text from text area. I have a textarea which text can be updated by user. When user update text from textarea and then print the updated text can be print on page. And this text can …