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NPM: request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH

NPM used to work no problem but now for some reason anything I try to do that involves connecting to the registry times out. The failure message I get from NPM is request to failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH 2606:4700::6810:1223:443 The command I’m running is npm update -g. I’m on Arch Linux, and I installed the NPM package from arch.

can’t invoke yarn after installing with npm

I just got a upgraded my laptop and installed yarn via npm and for some some reason when I try to invoke yarn –v it throws, although, when i run yarn.cmd –v it works fine? is this an issue with path? Answer This might have to do something with powershell 5, returns restricted I fixed it by running this in

ReferenceError Can’t find variable: Image – React Native, create-expo-app. Can’t create an HTMLImageElement with Image()

The Error I’m early in learning to use React-Native, working with create-expo-app. When I run npm start, I run into an error giving this output: ERROR ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Image I expect that the second two errors are caused by the first error. ERROR Invariant Violation: Failed to call into JavaScript module method AppRegistry.runApplication(). Module has not been registered

How can I force @angular/core to use the latest version of zone.js in its peerDependencies configuration?

This test passes but results in a problem: There is an error that displays when running tests in Jasmine and it falsely indicates test failure: The bug that causes this error is fixed in the latest version of zone.js according to this thread: @angular/core depends on zone.js version 0.11.4 in its peerDependencies which is revealed in package-lock.json: I believe

“Parsing Error: unexpected token function” on Async Function with a recent Node version [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 6 months ago. Improve this question I am working on a side project, using node and firebase. I can