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Tag: npm

Using React packages in Astro

So I’ve started building a portfolio site for myself, gone with Astro as it’s now the cool new thing, so thought why not, was going to use Gatsby but this seems like the more performant solution and you have a lot of freedom with it (not tied in to a GQL CMS). As I understand it, Astro is a solution

Node js Engine not upgrading for firebase function node compatibility

First failed Here is the package.json Error: package.json in functions directory has an engines field which is unsupported. Valid choices are: {“node”: 10|12|14|16} Deploys to runtimes below Node.js 10 are now disabled in the Firebase CLI. Existing Node.js 8 functions will stop executing at a future date. Update existing functions to Node.js 10 or greater as soon as possible. I

Vulnerability in NestJS 8.4.5

Recently, when I run npm audit in my npm package, I receive the following error: The problem seems to be in the dicer package which is a very popular package used by NestJS. I searched the web for possible solutions but can’t find any fixes. Has anyone been able to fix this yet? Thanks in advance. Answer It seems that

Tailwind default color classes not working

I’m building a React application using Tailwind CSS Framework. I have used NPM to install tailwind in my react app in the following manner: Then I have also edited my tailwind.config.js file in the following manner: And updated my index.css file in the following manner: Then I tried to use default color classes that tailwind CSS provides in the following

Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir ‘C:/Users/ . . . /node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/android/

When I run: npx react-native run-android It gives the error like this: Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir ‘C:/Users/ . . . /node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/android/… when I ran Command Prompt as administration still giving the same error Answer As a result of my searches the problem was this react-native-gesture-handler, So some time just restart you computer the error will fix, if that

How can I run a yarn app/How to run a yarn dev server?

I’ve always used just npm and never yarn/webpack explicitly. I need to run the code from this repo: Like a dev server or something to ensure it’s serving the files properly but I don’t see a “run” like npm run start. Does this just not exist with yarn? It feels like this code should work as is and I