Refresh site exactly every tenth minute (like Cron)

is there any options (PHP, JavaScript) how to refresh website exactly every 10th minute? I got some crob job on server, and every 10th minute I’m reloading the online RTSP stream downloading, and …

settimeout not working properly when i tried to use it to refresh a page

The purpose of this code is to refresh a page after either a wait time of 1 second or 5 seconds depending on a random variable. However, the code below makes it so that it either refreshes after a wait time of 1 second EVERY SINGLE TIME, or it refreshes after a wait time of 5 seconds EVERY SINGLE TIME. How do I make it so that the refresh wait time are EITHER 1 second OR 5 seconds on every refresh? Answer The issue is that while you are pointing the iframe to the current document, the document that contains