Select next object based on Date

I’m trying to Loop through an array and pull out the closest/next meeting object Chronologically. Each object has a Start and End time but I want to know what is the current event OR the next event …

Getting current date and time in JavaScript

I have a script that prints the current date and time in JavaScript, but the DATE is always wrong. Here is the code: It should print 18/04/2012 15:07:33 and prints 3/3/2012 15:07:33 Answer .getMonth() returns a zero-based number so to get the correct month you need to add 1, so calling .getMonth() in may will return 4 and not 5. So in your code we can use currentdate.getMonth()+1 to output the correct value. In addition: .getDate() returns the day of the month <- this is the one you want .getDay() is a separate method of the Date object which will

How can i set the date to the beginning of calendar

I want to set the time to the 1st January 0000 and time at 00:00:00 i tried to calculate a lot but i’m unable to set the date to the beginning point. I am setting the date with negative sign like this – new Date(-4000) but setting the year to 0 gives me only the 1900 so how can get to the perfect date of 1st Jan 0000 and time at 00:00:00. Answer The way you were doing you can also set it, to -62167219200000 it will return the same results as new Date(“0000-01-01”) Only will set the date to

filtering array in range of array time and time now javascript

i get some trouble when i try to filtering time now in array time, i have code like this ; the problem is output not same with my expectation. i want : if timeNow is 08, timeShift output(selected) is 08, if timeNow is 07, timeShift output(selected) is 06, if timeNow is 09, timeShift output(selected) is 08, if timeNow is 23, timeShift output(selected) is 22, . . . . . . . continued as the structural of data timeNow and timeShift like my expectation in there. How can i fix the problem ? Please Help me. Thank you 🙂 Answer If

Extract time from moment js object

How do i extract the time using moment.js? It should return “12:00:00 pm”. The string return will be passed to the timepicker control below. Any idea? Answer If you read the docs ( you can find this format: See JS Fiddle

How to calculate average time

how to calculate average time with 11:59:00 PM and 12:00:00 AM so that it can be 11:59:30 PM. currently this code is giving me 11:59:30 AM var convertTimeToMilliSecondsTest = function(time) { …