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Creating date range for each loop in a date object array in js

I am currently working on a dropdown filter that lets the user choose between a period of time in where he can select either daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I manage to create the daily filter but on the weekly, monthly and yearly bases I am having issues with the start and end date that I need to consider each

Add minutes and hours to string moment js

input – 15:30 output – 17:10 I try to do this: but it doesn’t work, moment says “invalid date” Answer First of all you need to parse the string data, we know we’re using a valid hour. You can use a second parameter in the moment function, something like this: You simply need to know what format to convert your

Javascript Time. Add +1 to current time

Hi I want my timer to continue from the current time each second. Keeping the same time format. I just added a simple code to check. Code Answer Here is the working solution. You had to split your string that represents time, so you can count the amount of seconds that you actually had. Note: I’ve used this as help

How to define time ranges in React?

this is my code. I’m try to define a range of hours so that it changes color depending on the moment of the day, but I don’t know how to create a range (e.g. from 7 – 12 -> morning). The problem now is that if I put 3am is says morning when I want it to say night, but,

Insert SubString in a time input type

I have an time calculator which returns an input type of time in the following format: hh/mm/ss It currently displays like this: When I do a calculate function it return “3:0:0” instead and removes the “0”. How can I change this to be 03:00:00? The “0” must only be added if the h/m/s is less then 10. Here are my

Select next object based on Date

I’m trying to Loop through an array and pull out the closest/next meeting object Chronologically. Each object has a Start and End time but I want to know what is the current event OR the next event that’s going to happen. Failing that to get the last event. e.g. This is what i have so far: Answer Try this function

How can i set the date to the beginning of calendar

I want to set the time to the 1st January 0000 and time at 00:00:00 i tried to calculate a lot but i’m unable to set the date to the beginning point. I am setting the date with negative sign like this – new Date(-4000) but setting the year to 0 gives me only the 1900 so how can get