Previous closest date from array of object

var dateArray = [’11/01/2020′, ’10/01/2020′, ’09/01/2020′, ’07/01/2020′, ’06/01/2020′] If I have a date 08/01/2020, then I need to find its previous closest date in the array which is 07/01/2020. I …

moment.js error, sometimes ignores the day

I have a problem with moment.js and it’s that I have two dates (initial and final) when I initialize the dates, the initial is fine but the final date is not, moment.js ignores the day part of the …

Generate an array of dates and year using moment js

I have this code : let startDate = moment().subtract(4, ‘years’); let endDate = moment().endOf(‘month’); let months = []; let month = startDate; while (month <= endDate) { if (months.includes(...

JavaScript subtract time in moment used in reactJS

I am using React Js and I would like to perform a subtract time in JavaScript with moment library. I tried my code as follows: timecheck(){ var time1 = moment().format(“09:00:00”); …

Show an element if date is before or after another date using Vue js

I’m using vue to dynamically show elements (called boxes) on the page, but I need to display an element based on if it’s start date is before or after today+1 week. So if the box.start_date is before one week from today, then show it, else hide it. I’m not sure how I can do this in vue ie. I tried using moment.js but it give me an error saying moment is not defined in vue With laravel and blade I would just do this like this… How can I make this work with vue? Answer Try to use a computed

Moment object won’t increment by days when cloned and used with DateTimePicker

I have the following code: I am using the following React component to change the date: The info for the component is here: When I change the date the date is not incremented by the number of days listed in the first block of code (I explain more in the comments) Thank you! Answer I reproduce and this works with not any problem. What you have seen maybe caused by one of these case: You might have briefly looked at _i of moment object, this might be the initial object (which could derive from momentObj.clone()), instead, you should look

Moment JS format() not displaying correct time [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question This result is wrong: -> Fri, 07.08.2020 00:00:00 These return the correct values -> 9 -> 2020-08-07T09:10:48+02:00 Apparently the date was correctly parsed but format does not work as expected? Answer Your are passing yyyy which is wrong. Expected YYYY Try this.

Calculate dates considering public holidays and weekends with moment.js and moment-business-days

The aim of this application is always to indicate the 16th business day of each month (means taking into account working days and public holidays). For this I use moment-business-days, which is a …

DateTime in UTC within the database and perform no timezone conversion from the controller, handle conversions only in the client browser

I was faced with a problem which there are many discussions about on SO. I actually read SO questions & answers for 2 days trying to determine a good way to handle my problem. The problem is a …

for inside another for is executed just once

I have the following code to create all possible intervals between two dates: I am expecting to get the following result: but I am getting only: I debugged the code by putting more console.log() outputs and it turns out, that the inner loop is run only once. Any idea why this is happening? Here is a quick JSFiddle (without the moment library that I am using only for formatting). Answer The problem is that you’re mutating the objects, at the end of the first outer loop, minStop will have the same date as maxStop. To address that, use something like