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I am getting a 404 error when attempting to load a background-image from CSS. Unsure how to proceed

I have searched through several posts regarding this same issue but none seem to resolve my problem. I am getting this 404 error in my console: index.css:1 GET http://localhost:5500/assets/css/assets/css/Battleship-Wallpaper.jpeg 404 (Not Found) I have the image saved in .jpeg format inside of my CSS folder. I am attempting to link the relative path and set the background image like so:

How to save excel workbook using Javascript

I have created an HTML form that takes in user data and using exceljs and a few other libraries I store this data into an excel spreadsheet. This part of my code works perfectly fine. However, when I refresh the server, the data stored in the excel file previously gets deleted. I believe the reason is that I could not