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Tag: excel

How to save excel workbook using Javascript

I have created an HTML form that takes in user data and using exceljs and a few other libraries I store this data into an excel spreadsheet. This part of my code works perfectly fine. However, when I refresh the server, the data stored in the excel file previously gets deleted. I believe the reason is that I could not

Read a csv or excel (xlsx) file with just javascript and html?

Is it possible to read a excel xlsx or csv, preferably xlsx, using just JavaScript and html. All the solutions (sheetsJS, d3{d3 uses the Fetch API}) I have found require a webserver. I understand I can get a simple webserver using web server for chrome or python or node.js. Futhermore, I understand I can run chrome with certain flags, but

Excel Add-in: How to create a range?

I am writing an Excel add-in in JavaScript. What I need to do is find the currently selected cell, then create a range object that is 4 columns wide and X rows high, with the selected cell at the top left of the selection. I know how to find the currently selected cell, but I don’t know how to either