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Tag: infinite-scroll

Javascript Waypoints (or alternative)

I tryied to use the Waypoints library to fire an event when we scroll to the end of a div (in order to implement an “infinite scolling”-like functionality). I looked at this example but it apparently doesn’t work if I use a custom scrollable ‘div’, it only works for the window scrolling. Here my fiddle: Am I right? Is

Content flicker/jump on infinite scroll/loop

I am looking for help / a point in the right direction / or a solution for a flicker/jump, when scrolling on a looping/infinite website, which can be seen in this fiddle. What seems to be causing the jump is: “$(window).scrollTop(half_way – child_height);”, and what could also be a Chrome windows scrollTop bug, but it is happening in all browsers

Insert content at top of page without scrolling

Is there a way that I can insert content at the beginning of a webpage without causing the page to give the impression of scrolling up. I’m trying to implement something kind of like infinite scrolling but I need to be able to scroll up infinitely as well as down (I’m also unloading content on the other end so that