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How to get Data info from OpenWeatherMap API ‘dt’

I am making a simple react app with OpenWeatherMap API. I need date info from that API to show which day is the current day. The API returns me a dt object I think this is related to date but I can’t use it. How can I convert it to a valid date string? I found a topic about this issue but the answer did not satisfy me.

"lat": 38.783,
"lon": 41.0466,
"timezone": "Europe/Istanbul",
"timezone_offset": 10800,
"current": {
    "dt": 1610733742,
    "sunrise": 1610685149,
    "sunset": 1610720251,
    "temp": 274.58,
    "feels_like": 270.28,

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I found the answer.
We can convert to dt object to JS date object. Like this.

The tricky part is we have to convert day object to string.

    const dt = 1610685149
    var day = new Date(dt*1000);
    console.log(day.toUTCString()) // 'Fri, 15 Jan 2021 04:32:29 GMT'
    console.log(day.toDateString()) // 'Fri Jan 15 2021'
    console.log(day.toISOString()) // '2021-01-15T04:32:29.000Z'
    console.log(day.toString()) // 'Fri Jan 15 2021 07:32:29 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00)'

I found the answer from here display dates

End of the day, I implement this solution to my code just like this.

function createDate(dt, type) {
        var day = new Date(dt * 1000);
        if (type == "long") {
            let options = {
                weekday: "long",
                year: "numeric",
                month: "long",
                day: "numeric",
            return day.toLocaleString("en-us", options); // Friday, January 15, 2021
        } else {
            return day.toLocaleString("en-us", { weekday: "long" }); // Friday

EDIT: I found the more elegant way to convert to string from here. And also check this MDN resource about toLocaleString()

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