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Tag: sass

animate when changing an property from JavaScript css

If I try this code I just wrote: the animation don’t work and it directly switch from the first color to the other. (Normally I retrieve the color from an API) I would want to do a transition between the 2 values Answer I found out that linear-gradient transition / animation doesn’t work. To fix this error I just used

How can I add new list items on field input?

I am working on a simple to-do app. I would like to add a new element after user clicks on enter in the input box, and nothing happen. I tried lot of ways, I will share the recent code. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot. UPDATE: It finally works. UPDATE: It finally works. UPDATE: It finally works. Answer

Placing a Div behind 3 divs

The aim is to code the design below with 3 boxes appearing on top of a straight vertical line (Horizontal on desktop). I have tried creating this using :: before pseudo selector. Here is the code: I’m unable to hide the pseudo selector behind the parent div. Answer

how to remove top or root class from child element

I am trying to transpile this scss to css input output expected output In my output .abc class added in all item . I want it should add only on top element ? how to remove .abc class from child element Answer It’s not possible using the parent selector. The only way I can think of is to store the