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I am learning Redux thunk by using createAsynThunk. I try to delete an item in todoState but it doesn’t work and i don’t know the reason

My slices file filename: slices.ts My action creators. filename: actioncreators.ts Todo interface, filename: Todo.ts I run my index file, filename: index.ts I expect it would be But actually it is. Answer Your code is fine. The reason you are getting the same result after delete is because you have wait in your delete handler. In the mean time, when wait

Multiple divs sharing same redux State

I am building a react widget builder, everything is completed but now I am stuck on this thing that I am running my react app on every div which has data attribute of data-widget=”custom” like this code {renderCustomWidget is just the function to render react app} the data-id attribute makes each div’s content unique now I am building multiple widgets

How to pass in multiple action creators to single listenerMiddleware in Redux Toolkit?

I want to save state into my database whenever any of its properties changes. I currently have two middlewares that would dispatch my saveTrip function. The two middlewares are identical but listen to different actionCreators. Store.js: Savetrip function: I am not even using the payload thats passed in when I call saveTrip as I’m saving the entries state. I don’t

Redux best practice to filter data

in the process of developing an application, I’m facing a question about whether I’m using Redux correctly. I have a fav:[] in which I add product objects and render their list. However, in order for the data not to be lost, I have to copy this fav:[] to favCopy:[] and only after that execute .filter Example code: I would like

An immer producer returned a new value *and* modified its draft. Either return a new value *or* modify the draft

I understand this has been asked before but so far no answers except someone making a syntax mistake. I have verified this against every tutorial I’ve seen online and I can’t find the issue. It seems to be coming from the fullfilled extraReducer In the component, nothing weird, and yes everything is imported You can see in my image below