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Tag: react-native

Paging in react

good morning, how are you? I’m having a problem with pagination, when I click to change the page it appears the page results and goes back to the first one right away, would you know how to help me? For example, if I click on page 2, its results appear but it immediately goes back to page 1, I don’t

Get Min date and Max date from Object

How can I find out the min and the max date from an object? Currently, I am getting an array like this: min date should be ‘2010-02-24’ and max date should be ‘2022-10-04’. Is there any built-in function to do this? Thanks in advance. Answer A sort will do the job here, by packing all dates into an array first:

stderr output from native app classifier: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nltk’

While trying to send/receive data using native messaging between javascript and python for a firefox extension I keep running into the following error in the browser console- stderr output from native app classifier: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nltk’ I have installed nltk in my pycharm virtual environment. I want to use nltk for some text processing in the python file

React Natvie Countdown

hi i am new with react native and javascript i would like to make a small countdown where you enter in the function a number and the type of countdown so now if i have selected seconds, minutes or hours in a dropdown and have in the textinput as example 10 i would enter an object like this in the

How to specify the type for the return of useNavigation

I’m having some diffuculties specifing the parameters for a function (onError) that receive the return of a useNavigation()) TS playground Answer I have not personally worked with @react-navigation, so I’m going by the types only, but it looks like useNavigation, when called without type parameters, defaults to ReactNavigation.RootParamList which doesn’t match your RootStackParamList. The non-extistent replace method comes from the