Replace Second Modal with First Modal

First Check my react-bootstrap codes: export default class App extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { show: false }; } handleShow = (e) =&…

Is there a way to not reload the whole html body with React Routers?

My React project’s App.js file has routes like so:

How to import react-bootstrap component with children into kotlin-js react app

I want to use a bootstrap Card component in a react website created with kotlin-js. The app uses kotlin-react wrapper and react-bootstrap library. react-bootstrap documentation says use <Card.Body> to put content. So far I managed to import the Card JavaScript module into kotlin-js. With this I could use the Card within a RComponent. What renders to: What I additionally need is the CardBody component. Something like this: But the CardBody is not a separate react-bootstrap component which could be imported like the Card component. It is a value inside the Card component. The typescript definition file Card.d.ts looks like this:

Triggering a function via onClick with a React-Bootstrap ListGroup

Given two components, one just being the render of a react-bootstrap ListGroup, and the other being a function containing a console.log print out, I’m running into trouble seeing that printout when …

React-Bootstrap grid contents not displaying

I created a grid inside of a react-bootstrap Jumbotron, but when I export it to my app.jsx none of the grid contents are displayed (but the Jumbotron and my custom styles are) All of my other components are working fine, so I’m not sure why this isn’t. App.js: SectionThree.jsx: howItWorks.jsx: Answer React components should always start with uppercase letter: There is a good answer on stackoverflow here covering this.