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Tag: react-bootstrap

How to hide the offcanvas navbar when selecting the links inside of it using react scroll?

Any idea on how to hide/back to its original state when selecting the links inside offcanvas using react scroll? Below is my code and also here is the sandbox code App.js Header.js Content.js Im using the ff: react 17.0.2 react-router-dom 6.2.2 react-scroll 1.8.7 react-bootstrap offcanvas 2.1.2 I’m not sure if I missed something like useState/useEffect or an attribute

How to import react-bootstrap component with children into kotlin-js react app

I want to use a bootstrap Card component in a react website created with kotlin-js. The app uses kotlin-react wrapper and react-bootstrap library. react-bootstrap documentation says use <Card.Body> to put content. So far I managed to import the Card JavaScript module into kotlin-js. With this I could use the Card within a RComponent. What renders […]