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plotly js – x and y axis hover info on the axis

Is it possible to get the hover info to be on the axis itself? I see an example in python plotly but cannot get it to work with javascript. In the image it’s the “1977” black hover label. I’m currently working with an ohlc chart if that makes a difference. Reference for the image below: Answer Not currently possible

Why is my card overlapping the fixed nav when I hover it?

I have a problem when I hover my article with class=”card” name inside my div class=”container”, it looks like the article overlaps the nav. How do I fix this without removing my transform scale in .card:hover? I want to make it without overlapping with the nav when I hover over it. If anything is missing from the snippet, you can

html set title attribute to display line break

How can I display line-breaks for a hover event using title on a simple html-element? / What is the proper code to be used? I am trying to set the title attribute like so: ..That does not work. Is does not break anywhere. ……………….. — Code sample — Answer You were close, but used a slash instead of a backslash

WordPress featured image on hover – jQuery.Deferred exception: hrefValue is not defined

I’m trying to make website which shows posts featured image on link hover. Example: So I started to learn basic jQuery and php and I tried to achieve that by using get_the_post_thumbnail($post_id); function which return image basing on post id. To get id I used url_to_postid(); Wordpress function. As it states it: “Examine a URL and try to determine the

JS blocks or overrides CSS style

I have a div with it’s style class. I define it’s style as follow. And in JS I define a method for a click event. The CSS style and the event do what is expected. The problem is when I hover the div again after the event. The properties height and width don’t grow to fill the screen. It’s like