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How to create a nested list by sending data from a function

I have the next code: I get in console the next: And my expected output in console would be: But I don´t get that in console, as you can see I was trying to get that data in my filli function, sending an index, name, and words but it doesn’t work. I hope you can help me, thank you. Answer

How to set a value to true if an object exists in a list

I have a three lists, the first one is like this The second one is like this: The third one, my inventory is like this: I would like to know if there is a way to update the second value of all the lists in the first list to true if the first item is inside of the third list.

Getting JSON object from a arraylist

I have specific problem with axios to getting JSON object from my arraylist, so instead of display my displayName on my nav bar, it display all response headers information, i don’t know why ? : that my json list from my localhost : that my code : Answer Take a look at the axios docs. The response object contains much