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Getting JSON object from a arraylist

I have specific problem with axios to getting JSON object from my arraylist, so instead of display my displayName on my nav bar, it display all response headers information, i don’t know why ? :

enter image description here

that my json list from my localhost :

enter image description here

that my code :

<a class="nav-link dropdown-toggle text-nowrap px-3" v-d-toggle.user-actions>
    <img class="user-avatar" src="@/assets/images/avatars/0.jpg" alt="User Avatar"> 
    <span class="d-none d-md-inline-block"></span>{{jsonInfo}}

 import axios from 'axios'; 

 export default {
  data() {
  return {
      jsonInfo: [],
 mounted () {
   .then(response => (this.jsonInfo = response))


Take a look at the axios docs. The response object contains much more than the data that you are requesting. If you are wanting the data in your jsonInfo array, you will want instead of the full response object.