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I am back-end developer , and i had to work with Frot-end a little ,but i am stuck in one problem.I am getting data from api and want my data to be stored in this way: Api call looks like this : So , i tried to use map and dict function like this to make dict like above ,but

setting state within nested response

I am building a react app and I am setting the state with api of nested response of nested state But the state is not setting the way I want. response that is receiving from api App.js What is the problem ? Images are not showing after Title. I am trying to show all images in BlogList class of every

How can you reduce(…) the entries of a JavaScript Map object without expanding to a list?

It seems there’s no good standard library way of doing something like this? Uncaught TypeError: thismap.entries(…).reduce is not a function I assume this is due to the entries() function returning an iterator? I don’t want to Array.from(thismap.entries()).reduce(…), as that would unnecessarily build the array in memory. It feels like I’m missing something, but I also don’t want to reimplement something