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Tag: jsp

Logic for multiple and single select/combo boxes

Below is my code: When select-box or combo-box is looped for ten times then I am getting form[“city”] length as 10 properly and behaviour of alerts within combox-box is appropriate, but if I have a single-select-box, then instead of giving form[“city”] length as 1 it gives it as 4 which is the number of option […]

Javascript disabling Div element on submit

The code below just hides the movie that I am playing behind. Remove element (if possible) or disable it, specially movie playing in background. I tried using; but its not working. Any idea how to go around this problem please? AdvertisementAnswer Try

Replace too long strings with “…”

Lets say we have a <div style=”width:100px;”>This text is too long to fit</div> The text in the div is dynamic. And I’d like to force the text to fit in width and not break. So i need some kind of functionality to test if the text is going to fit, and if it is not, then i’d like to display