How to set initial dropdown value using javascript?

I am trying to select the value selected in the dropdown using the value from the local storage. My dropdown code for html looks like this.


How to clear Multiselect Dropdown in Semantic UI React using a button?

I have a Semantic UI React Multiselect Dropdown inside a React functional component and want to have buttons inside the menu, as such (still need to center them…) How can I clear the selected …

SemanticUI Button still active after clicked

When you click on the button, it becomes gray and stays so unless you click somewhere else. Is it possible to make it return to the initial state(light gray) right after you clicked? Answer Any <button> (not just ones from Semantic-UI) has a number of different states it can be in. These states can be selected and styled with psuedo-classes in CSS. :hover is when you move your mouse over the button :active is when you have clicked down on the button but not yet released your click. :focus is when a user has used the tab key to focus

How can I toggle a class in CSS using JavaScript?

Script It is changing slash eye to eye but not vice versa. How can I achieve that? Answer You are just removing the class with remove method. Your question almost answered itself, as the solution to it is the toggle method. With this simple change, your code should behave as you expect now.