How can I create custom tooltips for each data point in a graph?

I have a stacked bar graph where I want to show the proportion of projects for which our qualitative analyst needs to complete the thematic coding process. However, the visitors to the webpage won’t necessarily know the context, but will just want some details in tooltips. I have two categories: (1) Total projects and (2) Coded projects. In a new line for the Total projects tooltips under “Remaining Projects: 170” I want “Description: The remainder of projects that have not yet been qualitatively coded.” Similarly for “Coded Projects: 70” I want a new line to show “Description: The number of

ChartJs 2 How to remove numbers from the doughnut chart on loading

So, I have this doughnut chart that on loading displays the data numbers on the chart segments. It clutters the chart and I cannot find a way to get it out. I tried: But, this removes the legend, not the labels on the chart. So, 1) how do I clean out the chart by removing these datalabels? 2) As seen in this picture, the chart is being cropped on the left and the right. I did check the width and height of the canvas, and it looks like it has more space to grow into. So, why is the chart

How to hide the tick marks of the axis in react-chartjs-2

I want to display the axisY without labels, but this is not work Answer Check if the below code works?

Isn’t visible small value in doughnut Chartjs

Small data isn’t visible for doughnut chart type. Can i resize it without change label value? My chart options: Example: Answer I converted the dataset to percent and round a small value to 1. Create callback for tooltip.