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HTML & JavaScript – can’t unmute html5 video

I got a very annoying problem. I try for a few hours to unmute an HTML5 video with a ‘muted’ flag, but all that I try doesn’t work.

$("#video_background").prop('muted', false);

Sadly, that doesn’t work, and removing the muted prop from the code makes nothing, the video stays muted. Is there any solution to force a unmute from the video?

Or can anyone say what I’m making wrong? <section> creates the <video></video> for me, so it uses a few classes. But I searched for a “muted” and no class has it, but the video still has no audio on the website.

And yes.. The videos have sound. My video has autoplay.



Most browsers block any audio that is played by a web page and is not related to user interaction (see Maybe that’s your problem?

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