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Why export default doesn’t work in this simple code?

Why when I use export default on index.js module it says: export ‘appReducers’ (imported as ‘appReducers’) was not found in ‘./reducers/index’ (possible exports: default), but when I change it to module.exports the error go away, why is that? At redux.js in index.js in app.js Answer The problem is in redux.js. Instead of You need What you were doing before was

When trying to use Card of Reactstrap I get Warning: React.jsx: type is invalid — expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function?

I tried to import the Card component from the Reactstrap library, and unfortunately this has resulted in the error below. When I remove the element, the page works again as intended. IMPORTS (IN PROFILE COMPONENT): EXPORT (AT BOTTOM OF PROFILE COMPONENT): In APP.js router: Full Profile component: Answer I think you might not have read reactstrap’s docs closely enough –

Import two files

Recently started learning imports and faced the following problem After installing the package in gulpfile, you need to make the following entry: Can I somehow make this record using import? The only thing that comes to my mind is: But there one variable is assigned two values, and here, in fact, there are 2 “variables” and it turns out somehow

How to dynamically import Vue 3 component?

According this article I would like to import component to view dynamically to my Vue 3 app. The code of the view looks like: Code does not throw any errors but I dont see the component on the page. If I use first import style it works. Am I missing somethig? Answer You need to use defineAsyncComponent in Vue 3