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Tag: backbone.js

Ways to save Backbone.js model data?

I am more into front end development and have recently started exploring Backbone.js into my app. I want to persist the model data to the server. Could you please explain me the various way to save the Model data (using json format). I am using Java on server side. Also I have mainly seen REST being used to save data.

Backbone and jQuery events

I have a simple task – retrieve click listener function from DOM element. I’ve fased two problems: I have no idea how to obtain event listener, that was set via addEventListener function $(element).data(‘events’) is always empty Talking about first problem – I think it’s not critical as I’m using this function only in one place. But the second problem is

In Javascript, what does this underscore mean?

I’m reading a tutorial on backbone.js here: What are the underscores? (_index, _photos, _album) Why use them? AdvertisementAnswer It means private fields or private methods. Methods that are only for internal use. They should not be invoked outside of the class. Private fields contain data for internal use. They should not be read or […]