Typescript error : A ‘super’ call must be the first statement in the constructor when a class contains initialized properties

I have the following typescript errors in my project.. let me share a sample so you can see what am dealing with. module CoreWeb { export class Controller implements IController { public $q; …

In Javascript, what does this underscore mean?

I’m reading a tutorial on backbone.js here: http://addyosmani.com/blog/building-spas-jquerys-best-friends/ What are the underscores? (_index, _photos, _album) Why use them? Answer It means private fields or private methods. Methods that are only for internal use. They should not be invoked outside of the class. Private fields contain data for internal use. They should not be read or written into (directly) from outside of the class. Note: It is very important to note that just adding an underscore to a variable does not make it private, it is only a naming convention.