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What was a GuardedCatchClause in the SpiderMonkey parser?

The SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine’s parser once supported a nonterminal symbol GuardedCatchClause, which when parsed would produce entries in the .guardedHandlers property of the associated TryStatement; this property also appeared in the ESTree spec at the time. Unfortunately I have not found any references to the syntax of try statements with GuardedCatchClauses on the web. What was the actual syntax and

JSInvokable Blazor method not being called

I’m trying to invoke a Blazor method in JavaScript inside of an OnSuccess callback for the Plaid API. Here’s the JavaScript that’s being run: Here’s the Blazor code being used: The Blazor method InitializePlaid is being called to invoke the JS method InitializePlaidLink. Then, on success, the Blazor method OnPlaidLink Success should be called. I used log statements to confirm

How to make a popup that only pops up once per user?

I’m a beginner in web development, and I’m trying to program a website for my class. So I watched a video on making a popup, but the popup comes up every time the user reloads the page. I need help, please. Here’s my HTML code: Here is my JS code: I tried to find an answer on google, but those