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React: Filter table data with multiple column values

I have the following an array object data. I wanted to filter it’s data when a user provide either title, category or published values from an input. I can only filter the data only with title value. How can I make it to category and published values as well? here is my code. ` Answer You can add “or” conditions

What does it mean by “second += arr[i][arr.length-i-1]”

I been practicing my algorithm solving skill by solving HackerRank problems. However, one of the problems is giving me a difficult time to understand. It is about calculating absolute difference between sum of diagonals in a square matrix “arr”. If the square matrix is like this: and the solution is like this: So, I came up with this solution: However,

Controlled from in React

I’m new in react and I’m a bit confused about how React runs update on every new input’s keystroke, for exapmpe, this is the form and I want to update the state on every keystroke What I don’t understand here is the update cycle, my understanding is the following: As the input’s value is tied to react state, the initial

API returns undefined after 2nd round loop

I am getting PI number from PI Api ( and checking for palindromic of 21 numbers in sequence on each 105 numbers block (5 x 21) to be faster. My code returns undefined on the second round of for loop. Why is this happening? PS: This is a 105 numbers block and 2 rounds loop just for testing purpose. Answer

React conditional rendering based on other state doesn’t work

I’m new to react and I honestly can’t understand conditional rendering. I have one useState and one useReducer: Following tutorials, I made a calculator with currentOperand, previousOperand, Operation and every time the currentOperand is 10, I want trivia to be “something”. I honestly don’t understand, since I don’t get any errors. I tried this: and this but nothing appears. Not

split multiple active class every 5 second and loop

How to split all code working together at the same time, with unlimited different classes and loop in animated class. Code is like this but i want to make it run at the same time, and put it with unlimited of animated class. Answer There are number of ways for doing this but basically you need to handle each of

Type json in React components

I have a dynamic json, for example: And I created interface for this: I have two components: But this return me error: Type “IResult” is not assignable to type ‘string’. in line: <SecondComponent result={result}> What I’m doing wrong? Answer When you pass arguments to a component, it is taken as props. By defining SecondComponent as function SecondComponent(result: IResult) {}, you