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Tag: testing

Lightweight web browser for testing

I have e very specific test setup in mind. I would like to start a web-browser that understands Javascript and can use HTTP proxy, point it to a URL (ideally by specifying it in the command line along with the proxy config), wait for the page to load while listening (in the proxy) requests are […]

node.js mocha before function runs after test execution

I have moved this around so much and tried with done(), asyncand chaining then(), moving the describe() around and my latest attempt was to return a promise in the before as Async function in mocha before() is alway finished before it() spec? suggested. The console.log(‘finished!’) that indicates the tables have been created is printed way […]

Jest TypeError: fetch is not a function

I have the following Jest test code to test a fetch to an endpoint: But I am getting: I know that the movieApiService.getPopularMovies() is a JavaScript fetch request, but Node.js does not have the fetch API, so how I can I make this test to work using Jest? Answer I can’t test this with the code you supply, but installing

Invalidate node cache when using Jest

I have a file with object that gets populated with process.env properties: env.js Now I try to test this file with different process.env properties: env.test.js Unfortunately, even though I try to load the file in every test separately the file gets loaded only once, making the third test fail with: P.S. It doesn’t fail when I run the test alone.