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Tag: azure-devops

[Azure]{NodeJS} Accessing MS Graph Using Client Credentials One Drive

I can’t seem to grasp my error this is the result of the JSON return it’s not telling me anything I don’t know what’s wrong, I looked at the token and I have roles by the way I have client_credentials token Update: I tried on using this api it works on that website, But in postman it won’t

Azure DevOps React Container Production Build JavaScript heap out of memory error

I am trying to build react prod docker container with Azure DevOps pipelines. After I upgrade my build environment and code, Pipeline failed. After some research I add “–node-flags –max-old-space-size=8192” statement my build command. But it didn’t matter. I also try tried relevant node containers for a build, it didn’t work. Dockerfile: My package.json file: Thank you for help! Answer