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Tag: solidity

Making use of a nested Array with solidity

I need to create an online game using solidity. The games have games within them with each game having their respective players. it can be likened to a battle royale on a FPS game where there are various battle royales going on simultaneously within the game with their respective participants. I tried using an array within a struct to keep

Issue in calling a smart contract function with web3

I’m trying to call the createCustomer function provided in this smart contract and we basically have to provide three parameters like string memory _hashedEmail, string memory _name and string memory _phone. So I’ve written the following program to call the createCustomer function However it gives me this err which doesnt make any sense as i’ve already provided the three

Uncaught (in promise) Error: invalid address

how to fix this error when i call a smart contract function? it’s my code: Answer The Problem The error shows that you didn’t set the address property correctly, it’s may be the issue with your solidity implementation and it’s not related to javascript snippet, as mentioned in the comments, you can ask about it on related sites, but there

Unable to deploy Solidity contract to Rinkeby network (Invalid asm.js: Invalid member of stdlib)

I’ve been learning Solidity using this course by Stephen Grider and it’s been going well until now, where I am trying to deploy my code to the Rinkeby test network. For reference, I am using Node version 11.15.0 with npm version 6.7.0 with these dependencies: I have spent hours switching between versions of Node.js, npm, and all sorts of combinations