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Tag: solidity

Decode constructor arguments in solidity

I playing Ethernaut Level 8. The goal is to get access to the private password state variable and unlock the contract. I know one could use await contract.unlock(await web3.eth.getStorageAt(contract.address, 1));, but I want to find the password decoding the input data of the contract creation. Here is the contract. I tried await contract.unlock(“f94b476063b6379a3c8b6c836efb8b3e10ede188”) but that didn’t work. Answer If the

Making use of a nested Array with solidity

I need to create an online game using solidity. The games have games within them with each game having their respective players. it can be likened to a battle royale on a FPS game where there are various battle royales going on simultaneously within the game with their respective participants. I tried using an array within a struct to keep

Issue in calling a smart contract function with web3

I’m trying to call the createCustomer function provided in this smart contract and we basically have to provide three parameters like string memory _hashedEmail, string memory _name and string memory _phone. So I’ve written the following program to call the createCustomer function However it gives me this err which doesnt make any sense as i’ve already provided the three