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Tag: shadow-dom

Adding an event within a WebComponent

I want to create a Web Component. I use a ShadowDom and after generating a list I want to add a click Event to each element of the list. But I wonder how to access the list. Neither the document nor the template shows me the items after a querySelect. My question: How can I access the generated list within

open the “closed” shadowRoot of element inserted by other extension in chrome

well google translate extension in chrome, has popup feature, it displays translation of selected word instantly, I wanted to access those translations displayed by popup, but this popup element is shadowRoot(“closed”), so javascript cant access its content, I red an article about that subject and author says: But really there is nothing stopping someone executing the following JavaScript before your

child elements usage in shadow dom

Is there any constraint that’s preventing <thead>, <tbody>, <tr> and so on to be slotted in shadow DOM? Given the following example: renders into the following structure: The workaround would be to use templates and insert template content with JS in slotchange event handler, but I would like to avoid that since the cloned content would end up in shadow

Detect attachShadow event

I’d like to detect an event of attaching shadow to the host element. Use-case: using MutationObserver to watch any DOM changes and post-process the changed content as part of binding (tying) framework’s logic. Why do I need to detect this event? In order to be able to watch for a changes within the shadowDOM, another MutationObserver should be created and

MutationObserver and Shadow DOM

I’m using Polymer’s ShadowDOM and MutationObserver polyfills and need to: Detect when a HTMLCanvasElement is inserted so that I can perform layout (its width and height are undetermined through offsetWidth / offsetHeight when detached from the DOM tree) Detect when the element is removed so I can halt its requestAnimationFrame loop Traditionally, without Shadow DOM, this works as follows: Attach