Protractor / Jasmine timing out on headless chromium – Error: Timeout – Async callback

Hi all so I am trying to run headless chromium with protractor and jasmine. I have everything setup and working for both firefox and chrome with a head. When I run firefox headless it works… when I try running chromium headless it ends up timing out. Looking for some help to solve this problem. The error I get is : Now I’ve read a million article online and have tried increasing the timeout time and adding done into the function as well… Here is my current code: Conf.js – this has a bunch of added args and settings that I’ve

Unable to sign into google with selenium automation because of “This browser or app may not be secure.”

I am trying to login to google with selenium and I keep getting the error that “This browser or app may not be secure.” The function I use to log in is: It is the same problem as and I have tried using both the chrome and firefox web drivers and both don’t work. I have also tried doing .excludeSwitches([‘enable-automation’]) which also didn’t help. This made me think that maybe the sign-in page could detect that I was running in an automated environment. I tried this solution that would hide that the app is running in a web

How to Get Int from JS Prompt Using Selenium in Python

I am trying to create a prompt for a number from the user on a web page while using selenium in python. This is the code I have written but it returns None Answer So I figured out the answer to my question. Here is the code for anyone who might have the same issue: