Javascript: how can I redirect to a url or another url after checking if user input specific words?

I’m tryng to achieve if user input on id “comments” is word that is present in my FilterWord’s array then user will be redirected to an url. If input is anything else, then user will be …

PHP go to another page and getElementById

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Redirect routes in HTML using Javascript

I have 3 html files that I want to link together. The three files are button.html, option1.html, option2.html and all three files are stored in one src folder. The button.html is a simple webpage that contains two buttons: and the two other .HTML file are regular pages each w/ different content. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but even with the onClick() functions for each buttons, the buttons won’t link to the other HTML files. I’m wondering if I should have some kind of link tag in the header for the two HTML files. Also, I’m not very certain

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