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Tag: tree

Derecursing this specific JS function

I wrote the following recursive JS function that takes a single parameter node which is made of other nodes and modifies it by adding to each node its number of leaves (not only direct children) : Here’s an example of the node parameter : addWidth(object) would modify it and turn it into : I need help to make my function

Build nodes like array from flat array

I’m trying to restructure the following javascript flat array without parent_id. I want to have a structure for React Tree Table like example in this page: I want a another array that dynamically group according to this array’s keys: I want to have a structure like this and pass an another array to group. Ideally a want sum the

build array of object from tree object

I’m trying to get into javascript’s built-in reduce function and with the help of that build objects inside array. But you can use whatever function or method you want. Expected output What I tried to do I created a function which takes array as an argument and calls reduce for each array’s element. But it gives me output that I