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Tag: react-redux

items not being displayed on table

I’ve been trying to create this search app where I can display the items in a table and delete items using react redux. However, on the initial load, the app shows a table but there is no data in the table. It’s an empty table. If i search for another movie name which have more […]

React Hook – multiple “useEffect” fires at componentDidMount

I’m using multiple useEffect hooks to perform the componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate functionalities, however, looks like when component loads, all my useEffect fires initially… when my component mounts, I see all those console log there How could I only let my first useEffect fires, but the other three fires when the dependency changes only? AdvertisementAnswer useEffect […]

How to fix the problem of react app not loading in Safari?

I built an application by using create-react-app, react-redux, react-router-dom, and material UI. The app uses Fetch API for http requests. It’s working in Chrome, but in Safari I get the error below. ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: AudioContext app link: Answer You got a message in Safari console about AudioContext: “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: AudioContext”. Check this I guess it

One react app imported into another react app?

Is it possible to import one React app(built using create-react-app) into another completely different React app. We all have imported components in our SPA, but is it possible to import a different app entirely? If so how? Furthermore, both these react apps MIGHT share a few similar dependencies/files/libraries.. such as bootstrap/css/Redux stores/etc. Also, with a possibility of a few common

How do you dispatch an action along with a DOM event?

I’m picking up working with react and redux, while handling state locally I am able to pass events along with onChange handlers so as to access the value with and set them to state. Unfortunately, I am unable to pass the event to MapDispatchToProps I have tried passing the event along with the prop assigned to the onChange handler