My React Native App Had started in dark mode by default

When I created a new fresh React Native App, it started with dark mode. Previously my react native app would start with light/white background. I don’t know how to disable the mode. Please help me to …

Should I use a native or a hybrid app for an an app based Online-Shop [closed]

I want to make an app were users can buy different products. I don’t want that the app runs in the browser. That’s why I would user a native or a hybrid app. The Shop has a lot of products with a lot …

why evaluateJavascript is getting iterated inside handler(Android)?

I want to evaluate a javascript in Webview Android as given below in the code. I want to evaluate it after 3 seconds. It works, it gets evaluated after 3 seconds but it(the code inside run()) keeps …

Recommendations for developing webview content on Android?

I’ve got a webview component that loads some html and javascript. The html + javascript is fairly large, and is compiled using webpack into a single page (html, javascript and css is all in one …

How to resolve the build error on react-native?

I’m trying to make a build environment to make an android app but I haven’t been able to succeed to build the project. The build log is as follows, It looks exactly same as the link below and I did the same thing but I can’t resolve the problem and the log that it makes is always the same. Answer reinstall node. delete node modules and clean and run the project again. I can’t comment so i answered.

React Native Error (Invalid Element Type)

when starting my App on my iOS device I get this error: Error: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but gor: undefined. You likely forgot to export your component from the file it’s defined in, or you might have mixed up default and named imports. Check the render method of ‘App’. When this is my App.js: Since I am not using a class the statement “Check the render method of App.” shouldn’t be be useful to me.. I googled a bit and found out that, as a common error in

React Native Geolocation GetCurrentPosition EnableHighAccuracy

I am using Geolocation on Android to get a user’s position. I am a little bit confused about the EnableHighAccuracy setting. Basically, to make this work I have to set it to “true” for Android Simulator and to “false” for a physical device. Otherwise its broken and I get timeout error and no location. Can someone please clarify why this might be the case? It seems strange that this one setting completely breaks it when it should not. I don’t know if this has perhaps something to do with device settings or something else. Seems a bit dangerous for production

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘this.props.navigation.navigate’) – React Native

I am trying to make my first React Native Android app and I am getting this error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘this.props.navigation.navigate’) This is the code: I can not figure out why the error is coming. Answer You are exporting the component wrong. You should get rid of the export default on your class HomeScreen definition and at the bottom of the file do export default App;

React-Native modules for Android int value returned late?

I have a native Android app that now has a React-Native part to it. In short, i have a list view in native Android/Java. When i tap a row, i start a new Activity which leads to the React-Native code. The components make an API call, but before it does it, my code goes through the React Native module to get a value from the User Preferences in the Java/Android settings for the header so that it can make the proper API call. The React Native API call in /actions/index.js: Back in native Android/Java, i have my modules and packages

javascript set cookie doesn’t work on chrome android

i have a problem to set a cookie on chrome on my android phone. The source code is upload on an online server. here my javascript code : function updateCookie( value ) { document.cookie =…