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Tag: random

Random image from html on button click

I am trying to make a script that will take the images from one div element and put it to div rndmImage randomly on button click, I should see images when document is loaded, but the new div where images should go after click must be empty until click heapends. And I need only JavaScript, no jQuery, alse i can

Find remaining indexes and storing them as values

I’m making a small game. You have to find the ball under a randomized cup. First the images are stored in a nodeList. Then the winning cup is calculated randomly from the length of the nodeList. My problem: After the random value for winningCup has been calculated I don’t know how to find the other […]

JS generate random boolean

Simple question, but I’m interested in the nuances here. I’m generating random booleans using the following method I came up with myself: const rand = Boolean(Math.round(Math.random())); Whenever …

Create an array with random values

How can I create an array with 40 elements, with random values from 0 to 39 ? Like I tried using solutions from here: but the array I get is very little randomized. It generates a lot of blocks of successive numbers… Answer Here’s a solution that shuffles a list of unique numbers (no repeats, ever). If you want