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Javascript prototype from instance

I would like to make objects, with earlier created objects as the prototypes. This way I would be able to make additions to existing objects without modifying them. Methods which interact with the earlier created objects (so using there attributes and perhaps mutating them) could also be applied to the newly derived objects. I thought this could be done with

Why is mutating the [[prototype]] of an object bad for performance?

From the MDN docs for the standard setPrototypeOf function as well as the non-standard __proto__ property: Mutating the [[Prototype]] of an object, no matter how this is accomplished, is strongly discouraged, because it is very slow and unavoidably slows down subsequent execution in modern JavaScript implementations. Using Function.prototype to add properties is the way to add member functions to javascript

overriding prototype property or function

now log showing me true. which means swingSword that were defined in Ninja.prototype has overridden so how can i override the constructor function or property.?? i know that preference is given to constructor variable then why need to define a function or property inside prototype?? Answer The reason to define a function on the prototype is so that it is