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Tag: inheritance

Different behavior when extend natives class with constructor and passing arguments to super

Different behavior calling a constructor and without calling it, when creating an instance of an inherited class: 1Case when I pass constructor: 2Case when it happens automatically There are different behavior Please tell me what is the difference, and why is this behavior observed? Answer In a subclass, the default constructor the JavaScript engine will supply if you don’t provide

Multi Level Inheritance in Javascript

I am trying to mock inheritance in Javascript using prototype. I have a function named Model and a type of model => Item. How can I access names array from init() function above? Answer Inheritance in Javascript is tricky! Read this post for a great explanation of traditional object oriented inheritance in Javascript: Analogous code in a more traditional

Javascript inheritance and method overriding

Assume I have a class like this: From this class I created some other classes which inherit the same prototype but have some added methods. What I want to do is being able to define a load() method in the sub-classes which first calls the parent method and then execute some code. Something like: I know there’s no super keyword