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Objects difference between javascript and C#

I want to convert a code from JavaScript to C#. in javascript we can use an object easily as follows, this function returns the indices of the elements that their addition is equal to the target the return of the function will be [1,3] which is an array of the indices of 5,7 (as 5+7 = 12) So what is

How do I use $addToSet with objects in mongodb?

I want to push only unique objects into an array with $addToSet. My userSchema has a field bankDetails which should take an array of objects: I am updating the schema using the following controller function: The data is saving correctly but Mongo auto generates an _id field every time so technically none of the objects are unique and the objects

Is there a way to use “indirect addressing” for JavaScript arrays?

I have a 2d JavaScript array like this: where products is an object with elements {“itemid”:”na”, “books”:10, “dvds”:15, “cds”:4} I need to be able to set the itemid with something like and then be able to read the value of the books element with something like: Is this possible with JS arrays? I done some searching and can’t find anything,